Home Favorites: Man Approved Decor

Man Approved Decor

When we moved we had minimal furniture. By minimal I mean five pieces of furniture, no exaggeration. Having so little to move was a blessing and a curse. The fun part was picking out all the new items and being able to decorate our home however I wanted. The annoying part was being without any furniture for five days and certain pieces not fitting (literally) where I had envisioned them. With all but a couple of items in place, I am glad to say this place really feels like our own home and our own space. I won’t lie, I don’t have overly feminine tastes in terms of decor, but I have zero desire to live in a large scale man cave. So I tried to make my purchasing decisions with both my husband and I in mind. While I love everything we picked, and even the pieces from the previous owners, I do have a few stand out faves I think every home would benefit from owning.


  1. Sleeper Sectional / 2. Coffee Table / 3. Cable Knit Throw / 4. Thirstystone Coasters / 5. Bamboo Flatware Holder

(1)The sectional will double as a guest sleeping space once our guest bedroom is overrun by our future offspring. (2)The coffee table is probably my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house, it’s beautiful yet manly and really cool. (3)As a person who is always cold, good blankets are crucial and this one is my favorite. (4)Thirstystone is the best coaster brand I have found, reliable coasters are a must to protect new furniture! (5)While a great flatware holder may sound trivial, we don’t have a lot of kitchen storage so I am loving any and all organizational items!

As you can see I bought a lot from Wayfair. I liked how everything had reviews and a number of pictures. I did not like their lack of shipping methods on a number of items. For your own reference, if it does not specify in room delivery or inside delivery, they will leave all six pieces of your couch on your front step and leave you to drag it in, assemble it, and dispose of the oversize boxes on your own. Certainly not a mistake I would repeat. Do your research, remember to take ALL measurements into account (such as the stairwell your sectional is supposed to fit down…), and have fun with it!

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