Choosing a Home Color Palette

Our home has an immense amount of charm. Charm can also be synonymous with requiring a great deal of work, at least if you want an updated home. Our 1920’s English Tutor has only had three owners (including us) and has been very well cared for, though not always updated. Before moving in we had three big projects we needed to complete, redo the bathrooms, update the basement/living room, and get rid of rooms full of wall paper, refinish the walls, and repaint. The handful of rooms that had paint were recently done and were fortunately in a color palette complimentary to  what I envisioned.

For our home, I wanted light neutral colors, but for the environment to feel warm instead of the harsh sterile feel too much white can bring. A lot of people subscribe to a certain formula for the ideal home, I don’t really believe that to be necessary. Keep it simple. Don’t choose too many bold colors and don’t forget your neutrals. Not every room needs to be a different color, but you should have different colors. You can easily switch up your colors with different finishes, like semi gloss – better for humid environments like bathrooms – versus matte. Below are the colors of our home, all of which are Benjamin Moore.

Creating a Home Color Palette

Antique White is our primary color for the hallways, stair well, and living room. I prefer more color in the bedroom, that is where we used Pigeon Gray. Sea Salt was used in the kitchen and bathrooms, and Simply White on all painted trims and an accent built in bookshelf. Public Service Plea: PLEASE do not intentionally paint the trim, especially in an older home with beautiful wood work! A lot of the trim was painted red and we obviously weren’t going to leave it that way, so this white made it pop against the Antique White. However, any room where the trim was unpainted, we left the natural wood. I wiped all the wood down with Murphy’s Oil Soap for a little TLC.

Tip: Save all extra paint and buy a small paint brush. To touch up any dings, start with a small amount and add layers as needed. Happy painting!

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