Organization Motivation

We moved into our home two months ago. It’s crazy how quickly the time has gone by, though we are officially suburbanites as we switched our licenses to our new address last week. While all of our large items and the majority of our belongings are organized and stored in their proper homes, half the rooms have the lurking pile of stuff which I am not sure where to place. In times like this I rely on external motivation. While I usually will down a triple grande soy latte or venti iced coffee and get to work, my future child would not appreciate the caffeine overload, so I am on my own. Kind of.

Honestly, thank goodness we live in the technological age. Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, my favorite blogs, that’s where I go to to get inspired. Nothing makes you feel more like a slob than realizing you’ve spent an hour reading through blog posts that speak to your hyper organized soul and you’ve done nothing about your own space. So where/what has been kicking my butt into gear?

Organization Motivation

  1. The Daily Connoisseur blog and YouTube – I also own all three of her books and they have convinced me I was a Francophile 1950’s housewife in a past life. Some of her advice can seem dated and not applicable to a lot busy women, but I also find it a nice change from a lot of superficial content out there.
  2. The Simply Luxurious Life blog – Shannon covers everything from fashion (her picks are ageless), to new books, to inspiring bits of insight. Plus, as a list obsessed person, her archive is a joy to peruse at any given time.
  3. Honey We’re Home blog – I’ve only been reading this blog since around the new year, but I like the variety of content she offers. Fashion, home decor, and she has recently had her second child so I am eating up all of her baby posts for help on what to do in the coming months!
  4. How Jen Does It YouTube – This is a channel I am new to, I came across a mention of it in a video from The Daily Connoisseur. Jen posts tips, Q & A’s, and “clean along” videos which make you feel a bit like a stalker, but I find something very calming about watching other people tidy up.
  5. My Instagram favorites? A Bowl Full of LemonsPearls, Lace, and Grace, and The Home Edit are probably my top three for visually calming images.

I am all for any site that advocates a routine to keep things clean and simple. I don’t want someone telling me I need to buy more clutter to organize and clean my clutter and THEN I will be ready to get started. No. I’m all about simplicity. Though I do really need to get a box for our wrapping paper so we can get that out of the living room.

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