Upgrade Your Loungewear

Upgrade Your Loungewear{Image Source}

When it comes to loungewear, no one does it better than Olivia Pope. Though I am at least a season behind on Scandal, her at home attire was the first of her possessions I truly envied. Plus, did that glass of wine in her hand add to the ambiance or was it just me? Either way, with my due date a month and a half away I am ready to upgrade my own lougewear and bring some wine back into my life.

Matching, or well coordinated, pajamas are something I consider a small and necessary luxury. If you are going to bed in a ratty tee and stained old sweatpants, you are giving me nightmares. I really enjoyed a lougewear related post over on The Simply Luxurious Life,  but the $200+ price tag on a number of items was rather unrealistic for me. I don’t have any appropriate warmer weather sleepwear and to drop even half that per pair would not work at this point. This lead me down the slippery slope that is Google and I found some amazing pieces to channel my own inner Olivia Pope. Bonus: here’s a Popetastic post to inspire other areas of your closet as well.

Nordstrom Picks:

(1) Betsey Johnson Lace Sleeve Pajamas (2) Honeydew Intimates Lace Trim Pajamas
(3) Splendid Jersey Shorts Pajamas (4) Splendid Knotted Tank and Pajama Shorts

Kohl’s Picks:

(1) Vera Wang Away We Go Pajama Set (2) Vera Wang Basic Luxury Pajama Set
(3) Vera Wang Sweet in Pleats

Target Picks:

(1) Gilligan & O’Malley Long Robe Paisley Print (2) Gilligan & O’Malley Fluid Knit Gown
(3) Laura Ashley Sleeveless Pajama Set (4) Gilligan & O’Malley Soft Pajama Set
(5) Laura Ashley Capri Pajama Set

Gilligan & O’Malley is possibly my favorite pajama brand. Sold at Target, the price is reasonable and often on sale. The quality is also quite good and a pair can last for a couple of years with regular use. Pick up a few of your above faves and enjoy some elevated relaxation!

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