Mocha Cold Brew

Almond Milk

Sleep hasn’t exactly been happening around here lately. At least for me it hasn’t. While I have to watch my caffeine intake due to breastfeeding, I did mention previously my latest favorite thing is Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate. This stuff is my ultimate one cup of coffee for the day. Relaxing mornings are, understandably, hit and miss based on Clint’s sleep and feeding schedule as well as how many things I have on my ever present to do list. Meaning, enjoying a hot cup of coffee is an unlikely expectation. I’ve found taking a couple of minutes to make my favorite cold brew recipe, often while inhaling my breakfast, is well worth the effort. I can sip on my iced coffee throughout the morning without worrying about my coffee “going bad”. I hate the way hot coffee tastes when it’s been sitting out too long and goes cold, you know what I mean?


Here’s what you’re going to need to precisely replicate my recommendation:

  • 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Concentrate
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 2 teaspoons Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • A splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 3 ice cubes (exact, yes, but it is the best ratio)Mix together the concentrate and water in a cup, stir in dark chocolate sauce. Mix very well. Add your dash of almond milk and your three ice cubes and you’re ready to take on your day!

– I enjoy my coffee black, if you’re not a fan of strong coffee, adjust the water ratio or increase the ice cubes or milk.
– Use the milk of your choice. I am not a huge milk fan, I’m all about the milk substitutes. However, adding whole milk will make for a creamier iced coffee.
– Switch up your syrups, want a Nutella iced coffee? Add a teaspoon of hazelnut syrup to your cup!
– Any brand of cold brew will do the trick, I do recommend sticking with cold brew concentrate rather than the bottles of iced coffee you see in stores. Why? Cold brew is less likely to have that bitter aftertaste you sometimes experience with iced coffee. It also has a stronger flavor, aka more bang for your buck!

Ta da! The delicious finished product.

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