A Guide to the Best Crime Podcasts

I got super into listening to podcasts in late 2014 when we moved abroad. It was an easy way to pass the time and I found hearing the English language to be rather soothing at that point. We were living in Germany and a German speaker I was not. Anyway, I found a great variety of podcasts to listen to: history, self improvement, documentary (hello Serial!), but I was left wanting when it came to my favorite genre of all time. The topic of true crime. Podcasts hadn’t quite blown up to what they are today, though they were increasing in popularity by the day. I was able to find some true crime shows, but they didn’t have the quality or content I was craving.

Thankfully, that void has been filled.

Not all podcasts are for everyone, that is also – and possibly, especially – true with such a sensitive topic as murder. Clint and I spend a few hours each week catching up on my podcast queue. I will be in big trouble when he becomes more aware and starts talking, I don’t want his first word to be “murder”. Until then, I will enjoy my guilty pleasures and I hope this guide helps in choosing which station will speak to your soul.

If you want your murder stories told to you by the drunk frat guys next door, you will enjoy The Last Podcast on the Left. This one is not for the easily offended, but it is crazy entertaining and in many cases, the guys really do their research.


If you’re into folklore and ghost stories, check out Lore. The host of this podcast is perfect for the genre. His voice captures the creepiness and weight of each topic. Some topics are merely stories, some are murders or crimes from the past told in a different light.

My Favorite Murder

If you’re listening for the story telling and aren’t too fact obsessed, you’ll like My Favorite Murder. If you read my August Favorites post, you have already heard of this one. MFM is my hands down favorite. I have made my way through all of their archived episodes an anxiously await the new ones each week.


If you like to examine crime from a number of angles, and not just murder, head over to Criminal. Criminal puts society in a different light. You end up empathizing with certain subjects, or rooting for the guy on the inside. Very cool.


If you’re into something a little bit creepier than all of the above, I recommend True Crime Garage. From the audio clips they play to the intense individuals they profile, this one might be the creepiest to listen to while home alone.


If you’re into a super in depth analysis of one particular crime, tune into Someone Knows Something. SKS reminds me of the Netflix series, Making a Murderer. There are interviews, perspectives from people who have been there, and fantastic storytelling that allows you to really envision each scene. This is the most recent one I’ve stumbled upon – and binge listened to – this month.

Happy listening!

September Favorites

Though it is still blisteringly hot outside, fall IS coming! I think… This month has been all about trying to create a schedule for Clint. I likely would not have survived without a few of my select favorites featured below. A large dose of comedy, followed by some good old workout endorphins, and a new coffee treat are my key players at the moment!



Starbucks Chile Mocha – I love a little spice. Starbucks new fall flavor doesn’t pack quite as much heat as I was hoping, but it is seriously flavorful. If you’re wanting to switch it up from your usual autumn PSL, give this one a go.

Home Item


Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle – I am unbelievably ready for fall this year. This summer was way too hot and fall means apple cider and delicious new candles. Plus I have my eye on a cozy sweater or two! As fall approaches, snuggle up with this candle. Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet and floats through the entire house wonderfully.



John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid – I really didn’t think I would have anything new for this category. I’ve been watching my go to shows: Poirot, Parks & Rec, The Office… But after putting Clint to bed one night I was scrolling through the comedy section and saw this stand up special. I don’t often find stand up funny. The comedians tend to lean toward the vulgar and extreme just to get a few laughs, but this was hilarious! Plus, this special was Emmy nominated. Highly recommended.


We Rate Dogs (weratedogs) – I admittedly will follow as many funny animal accounts I can find, but this one is my favorite. Whoever writes their captions is my humor twin. They feature dogs, not dogs, and dogs they claim not to be dogs. You have to scroll through to see what I mean. We Rate Dogs never fails to act as a pick me up at the end of my day.

Way to Stay Fit


Pop Sugar Fitness – I’ve followed their YouTube channel for years, but haven’t done too many workouts until the past month. I like how they break them up by time increment (20, 30, and 40 minute workouts). I typically click the first one in line based on how much free time I think Clint will give me that morning. Then I work my way through the line up! The variety has allowed me to lose a few pounds, they feature a number of top fitness instructors as well as their own routines. Modifications are always included and the time does, thankfully, pass really quickly when you’re doing these routines!



Post Baby Wardrobe

{Image Source}

Getting back in pre-baby shape can be a real pain in the butt. Literally and figuratively. It’s also a battle you will never really win. If you don’t get back in shape fast enough, you are judged. You must not care. You certainly couldn’t be trying that hard! If you lose the weight too fast, then you are unhealthy. How dare you risk your health when you are raising a baby! Motherhood is full of double standards you will never survive unscathed. At the very least, you should be comfortable on your journey.

I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on “in between” clothes. I bought a handful of pregnancy clothes, but tried to use as many regular clothes as possible. The same philosophy applies to after pregnancy as well.

At ten pounds away from my goal weight, I’m still wearing my maternity jeans and tops at least half the time. I don’t want to risk stretching out my normal clothes and having to spend more money later. Plus, honestly, bending down to play with your baby is just easier in stretchy pants.


To make my maternity jeans fit, I wear my belly band over the top of them and fold that and the top of my maternity jeans over. It acts like an elastic belt, and helps suck in your core a little bit as well! Most people will not be able to tell your jeans come with a stretchy waist, and if they do notice, they’re looking too closely anyway.

The reverse it true as well. As your every day pants begin to fit, use the belly band as an elastic belt to hold them up.


Easy to put on shoes are a life saver. Somedays you’re in such a haze getting the baby ready, you’re unsure if you can successfully do the same for yourself. Enter slip ons. I love Keds. I am a total soccer mom at heart on that one. These are rather fashionable as far as Keds go and you know you can safely navigate the stairs with your baby in your arms while wearing these.

Keds Chambray Stripe SneakersKeds Crashback Chambray Stripe Slip-On Sneaker


Comfortable tops to wear while breast feeding can be tricky. Most days, I simply wear a camisole and throw a maternity shirt or tee over it before heading out the door. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll wear a tank like the one below. It’s flow so it doesn’t cling too tightly to your still healing belly. It’s also not too difficult to navigate while breast feeding.

Twisted Seam TankWho What Wear Twisted Seam Tank


If you’re heading back to a professional environment, or have a special event coming up you need a go to dress. I love this one and plan to wear it to Clint’s christening in October. Look for details like adjustable cinching around the waist. It’s equally forgiving and flattering.

Belted Slip DressWho What Wear Belted Slip Dress

Other bits:

Accessorize with whatever you feel is flattering. If you’re a new mom, chances are pampering yourself with a hot shower and tinted moisturizer will leave you feeling you can take on any obstacle coming your way. Your body will more than likely take a while to get back to your ideal shape, and that’s more than okay. Feeling your best often stems from dressing in a flattering manner. Even if that simply means having clean yoga pants to put on in the morning.

Don’t forget to take care of you, mamas! xx

Stationery Must Haves – Back to School Style

There’s something about the start of a new school year that I just love. Though I haven’t gone “back to school” myself since 2010, the fresh planners and notebooks make this my almost favorite time of year, second only to my love of the Christmas season.

While we live in an increasingly digital age – people keep calendars in their iPhones and opt to bring their laptops to class instead of binders for notes I have always preferred paper products. Pretty pens/pencils, planners, notebooks, and all the desk accessories I can get my hands on. Stationery stores are my happy place. I’ve always been excited about school and learning, but my favorite part was sitting in class with a perfectly fresh notebook on my desk and a wonderfully smooth pen in my hand. Once a year or so I still treat myself to these new products and then obsess about finding the perfect purpose for each notebook and color coded Sharpie.

Back to School Collage-2

1 Kate Spade Mint Deco Sticky Note Set // 2 Blush Marble Custom Planner //
3 Everyday Calendar Stickers // 4 Le Pen – Amethyst //
5 Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips // 6 Foil Monogram Stationery // 7 Pantone Notebooks

Paper Source has the best planners. I’ve been getting my planners from there for a few years now, and am asking for a super cute customized one for Christmas. Keeping it organized can be tricky, I like to use post its for reminders, daily to do lists, or to simply help emphasize important tasks. Stickers are awesome as attractive appointment reminders and upcoming events, I like to use them on the monthly view pages and write in the detail on the weekly sheets.

Le Pens are great as they have a fine tip and don’t leak through to the next page. There are multi packs and a variety of colors. The amethyst one is my favorite. Cute paper clips make it easy to mark the month/week you are currently on. That way, you don’t have to be concerned about easy access or trying to keep it open on your desk. Some people swear by leaving their planners solely on their desk, as not to lose it, but I prefer to take it with me if I will be away for awhile or know I have scheduling to do.

Quality stationery should always be kept on hand in your home office. Currently, I’m really into anything monogrammed or personalized. Paper Sources selection is great and reasonably priced. Crane and Co. makes gorgeous cards with envelope details to boot, but it can be more costly.

Lastly, I find it difficult to resist a good notebook. I know a number of paper enthusiasts agree with me on this one! I currently have an embarrassingly large stash of notebooks in a variety of sizes, even those not too useful “pocket sized” ones. I use them to keep track of more intense lists and goals, or just to jot down things I find interesting when I read a book or listen to podcasts. I recycle the pages as I make my way through my long term agenda. Happy organizing!