My Updated Cleaning Routine

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Having a child has made my time and resources all the more important. All of my cleaning sessions have had to be condensed and scheduled in advance, because I love a good and reliable schedule. Plus, that helps to keep things simple and manageable. My current schedule is as follows:

Sunday: Meal prep
Monday: Vacuum and mop
Tuesday: Bathrooms and wipe down kitchen counters
Wednesday: Dusting
Thursday: Swiffer
Friday: Catch All Day (tidy up as needed, get to any tasks I was unable to do earlier)

Laundry is done as needed throughout the week, ironing is done whenever Clint gets a long nap in or is playing nicely across the room. Saturday is usually all about family activities and the occasional nap. Here are some tips to make your cleaning tasks a little more manageable, they’ve helped me!

Do your research – The internet can be your friend. Reviews should absolutely be your friend. Find a reliable site, Amazon, department stores, or and look up your desired item. Perfect example, I purchased our vacuum cleaner when we moved into our house three years ago. It’s fine, we have a Dyson, but it’s a base model and it has annoying issues that fail to make it user friendly. A site such as offers categorized break downs of each product. So next time you’re looking for a new vacuum (me in a few years), you can check out their must haves here.

Gather the appropriate tools – I have made a very conscious effort to make more sustainable, natural, and eco friendly choices. My cleaning supplies are from all natural companies (think Method and Mrs. Meyers), with the rare exception of the necessary harsh chemical. Instead of Clorox wipes, I use rags and homemade cleaning solution. I use microfiber cloths instead of Swiffer cloths, and bar mops to wipe down Clint after each meal instead of the previous, very wasteful, paper towel method. I wash rags and microfiber cloths weekly they have lasted for well over a year. You always have your supplies on hand and it’s saving money and the environment.

Never skip something twice – Say you’re pressed for time, or utterly exhausted from a sleep regressing toddler. There’s just no way everything is getting completed that week. Make sure you check that item off your list the following week (or month, or quarter). For me, I don’t get around to deep cleaning our base boards and crown molding every month like I would like to, but I do make sure I’m accomplishing that task the following month.

Maintain – As a relatively new homeowner, we’ll be in our house three years in January, nothing stresses me out quite like the thought of having things not working properly. Or maybe a guest comes over, goes to use an appliance/toilet/electronic and you have to explain juuuuuust how to hold this or do that to get the object to work to the desired effect. Essentially, keep your manuals and maintain as often as possible. Last year, Clint threw a cup holder out of his car seat and we lost it in the depths of some parking lot. I was able to contact the company, order the missing piece, and replace it in a timely manner. If you are replacing an electronic, I highly recommend looking into recycling it responsibly. Anyone installing an appliance should haul it and dispose of the item, but please don’t just toss old printers or tv’s. Many electronics stores, Best Buy included, offer free recycling programs for these needs. We just replaced our printer and dropped our old one in Best Buy’s recycling area, it’s such an awesome service. Look into those services offered around you!

Happy cleaning!

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