February Favorites

Happy Galentine’s Day, all! On this day of lady friend celebration, allow me to share some recommendations as a gift. Here’s what I am all about this month:



The Dollop – When I want to learn something, but have a huge side helping of humor, I turn to The Dollop podcast. It is an American History podcast and I absolutely love the improv riffing between Dave and Gareth. Often, I find comedy podcasts too be “too much”, but these guys strike the perfect balance.



Silversheep Jewelry SSDGM Ring – Secret true crime enthusiast? Boldy proud Muderino? This ring is for you. “Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!” is one of the primary taglines from my beloved My Favorite Murder Podcast. Not only is this ring cute, a portion of the sales go to End the Backlog, which helps fund the backlog of rape kits. A very worthy cause! Each ring differs from the next and is handmade. I ordered the brass one and absolutely love it!

Bingeworthy Show


The Golden Girls – As of today, the Girl’s are available to stream on Hulu! I have the first five seasons on dvd, but I will be watching alllll of them again from the beginning. Not only are the the ultimate girl group goals, they were progressive and sassy as can be.



Jalapeno Turkey Burgers – I am aiming to try one new recipe a month. Last month, it was these delicious turkey burgers. You can do them paleo by omitting the bun or doing a lettuce wrap. I opted to serve them on pretzel buns and it was delicious. Also, pile the guac on top for your healthy fats!



Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon – I am all about a red wine lately, I think the colder weather is to blame. Most of Cupcake’s wines are rather good, and the price is right on point. You can get a bottle for about $10 and it will not let you down!

Enjoy! xx

Parisian Inspired Reading

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic // Entire Madame Chic set // What Jackie Taught Us // Bringing Up Bebe // Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life

Ever since living abroad, I have developed an interest in books that really inspire me to live a higher quality life. Not in the usual “self development/self help” way, though I do love a good self improvement book! But this genre lets the reader aspire to a higher quality of life without the cheap tricks so many books feed into.

So why is this a Parisian inspired reading list? There is something mysterious and enchanting about the French lifestyle. Whether this association is legitimate, or exists only in our mind, we do love to romanticize the French. The Madame Chic series is based on a real French woman, named “Madame Chic” for privacy reasons. The author, Jennifer Scott, relays a number of lessons she learned and how a few short months in Paris kickstarted a life long quest for a better way of being. From their diet secrets (a la French Women Don’t Get Fat) to their parenting skills, we love to look to the French culture for inspiration.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is certainly our very own royalty. She was truly the woman behind the man. Jackie was well educated, stylish, perfectly proper, yet never seemed aloof or cold. She embodies a fantastic balance of strength and grace. This book on her is a fantastic read, providing a glimpse into her very private life.

Whether you are reading for pleasure or trying to achieve a personal reading goal (I, for one, want to read one new book a month). I highly recommend adding these to your collection. Though I have and love my Kindle, true classics are great to have in the physical form as I find myself marking the pages with post its for easy inspirational reference.

Happy reading! xx

Post Baby Wardrobe

{Image Source}

Getting back in pre-baby shape can be a real pain in the butt. Literally and figuratively. It’s also a battle you will never really win. If you don’t get back in shape fast enough, you are judged. You must not care. You certainly couldn’t be trying that hard! If you lose the weight too fast, then you are unhealthy. How dare you risk your health when you are raising a baby! Motherhood is full of double standards you will never survive unscathed. At the very least, you should be comfortable on your journey.

I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on “in between” clothes. I bought a handful of pregnancy clothes, but tried to use as many regular clothes as possible. The same philosophy applies to after pregnancy as well.

At ten pounds away from my goal weight, I’m still wearing my maternity jeans and tops at least half the time. I don’t want to risk stretching out my normal clothes and having to spend more money later. Plus, honestly, bending down to play with your baby is just easier in stretchy pants.


To make my maternity jeans fit, I wear my belly band over the top of them and fold that and the top of my maternity jeans over. It acts like an elastic belt, and helps suck in your core a little bit as well! Most people will not be able to tell your jeans come with a stretchy waist, and if they do notice, they’re looking too closely anyway.

The reverse it true as well. As your every day pants begin to fit, use the belly band as an elastic belt to hold them up.


Easy to put on shoes are a life saver. Somedays you’re in such a haze getting the baby ready, you’re unsure if you can successfully do the same for yourself. Enter slip ons. I love Keds. I am a total soccer mom at heart on that one. These are rather fashionable as far as Keds go and you know you can safely navigate the stairs with your baby in your arms while wearing these.

Keds Chambray Stripe SneakersKeds Crashback Chambray Stripe Slip-On Sneaker


Comfortable tops to wear while breast feeding can be tricky. Most days, I simply wear a camisole and throw a maternity shirt or tee over it before heading out the door. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll wear a tank like the one below. It’s flow so it doesn’t cling too tightly to your still healing belly. It’s also not too difficult to navigate while breast feeding.

Twisted Seam TankWho What Wear Twisted Seam Tank


If you’re heading back to a professional environment, or have a special event coming up you need a go to dress. I love this one and plan to wear it to Clint’s christening in October. Look for details like adjustable cinching around the waist. It’s equally forgiving and flattering.

Belted Slip DressWho What Wear Belted Slip Dress

Other bits:

Accessorize with whatever you feel is flattering. If you’re a new mom, chances are pampering yourself with a hot shower and tinted moisturizer will leave you feeling you can take on any obstacle coming your way. Your body will more than likely take a while to get back to your ideal shape, and that’s more than okay. Feeling your best often stems from dressing in a flattering manner. Even if that simply means having clean yoga pants to put on in the morning.

Don’t forget to take care of you, mamas! xx