Little Luxuries

Motherhood is accompanied by unfathomable exhaustion. There is no way to describe what lack of sleep for weeks and weeks on end does to a person. That being said, it is 100% worth it. Nothing is more rewarding than finding a quiet moment, cuddling with your newborn, and settling in for some short lived relaxation. You have to find what helps you survive this rough time period, and these are a few of my favorites that have been helping me to escape.

Ladygang Podcast

The Ladygang Podcast – These ladies are hilarious. It’s mildly crass, honest, and endlessly entertaining. Plus it allows me to act like I have an in with some chicks in LA. I have been slowly making my way through their archived episodes as well. Some of my favorite guests? Tia Mowry, Holly Madison, and Louise Roe.

Trader Joe's Cold Brew Concentrate

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate – I still have to watch my caffeine intake due to breast feeding, but not being pregnant allows me to enjoy a 16 oz tumbler of this stuff in the morning. My mornings can be crazy, and it is unrealistic to expect to finish a hot cup of coffee. Enter iced coffee. I make a copycat version of a coffeehouse fave (recipe to come) and sip on it throughout the morning. This also allows me to fill that Starbucks void without having to load up the babe and trek to a store. It is on the stronger side, so edit as you see fit! Trader Joe’s also sells an organic version for two dollars more.

Netflix – Orange is the New Black and Agatha Christie’s Poirot Ah, my guiltiest of pleasures! I started watching OITNB on a whim a year ago and the recently released season 4 did not disappoint. The final scene of the season left my very hormonal self in tears. This season takes on a lot of current social issues, it’s very interesting to watch. And then there’s Poirot. My favorite character of all time, no exaggeration. I mentioned previously how I loved the Agatha Christie audiobooks from and they are narrated by Hugh Frasier, who plays Captain Hastings in the series. The series spans decades (literally, they started filming them in the late 80’s) and it is interesting to see how they managed to develop both the characters and the cinematography over that period of time. Though I can never get through an entire episode of either show in one sitting – unless Clint is napping on me – I greatly enjoy working my way through both series.

Whatever your summer schedule entails, take some time out to simply relax. I am already looking forward to next summer when Clint is big enough so go on fun outings and we can have more experiences together. Until then, I will enjoy my small luxuries wherever I can find them!